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30 Apr 2019

Fire severely damages duct cleaning truck in Windsor neighbourhood

Windsor police and fire officials are trying to determine exactly what caused a work truck to catch fire in Walkerville.

The incident happened shortly after 2 p.m. Thursday on Tuscarora Street between Parent Avenue and Langlois Avenue. Windsor Fire and Rescue said a duct-cleaning truck parked in the alley somehow caught fire. The rear of the vehicle was completely involved, though the truck’s cab sustained little or no damage.

The driver was working in the basement of the adjacent home when the fire broke out. He told he initially had no idea what was going on.

“I had no idea. I was working in the basement when someone knocked on the door,” he said. “I’ve worked here for three years and have never had this happen.”

Witnesses on scene said the driver jumped in the burning vehicle to move it away from the home, which suffered heat damage to the siding.

The fire was declared out within a half hour and there were no injuries reported.

Investigators were still on scene to speak with witnesses and determine exactly how the fire started. More information on this story will be passed along as it becomes available.

Anyone with information on this incident is asked to call Windsor police at (519) 255-6700 or Crime Stoppers at (519) 258-TIPS (8477)

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26 Apr 2019

Calgary business owner claims fraudulent duct cleaning company using his name, confronts owner

WATCH: The owner of a Calgary furnace servicing company took matters into his own hands to investigate a business he says is using his name. He arranged an appointment with the suspected fraudsters and Global News caught the encounter on camera. Jill Croteau reports.

Right from the beginning, Calgary homeowner Robert Samaska said he was suspicious when he says he received a random call from a person who said they worked for Alberta Home Services, looking to schedule a furnace cleaning.

He alleges the company said it only accepted cash as payment and offered the service at a flat rate deal.

“I knew right off the bat they were flaky at best.” Samaska said.

Samaska said he used a service provided by Alberta Home Services in the past but was concerned about the legitimacy of this offer. He tells Global News he called Calgary-based Alberta Home Services, and spoke to Grant Carlson, the legitimate owner of Alberta Home Services. That’s when he was told the company doesn’t call clients to offer special promotions.

Samaska and Carlson decided to put their scepticism into action and made an appointment with the hope of confronting the crew of the other business using the Alberta Home Services name.

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Global News joined Samaska and Carlton at the southwest Calgary home when an unmarked van arrived with what appeared to be scarce equipment to do the job. When the people in the van were confronted and questioned by Carlson, along with Global News crew, they sped off.

WATCH: Global News questions manager of suspected fraudulent Calgary furnace company

Samaska told Global News he’s worried unsuspecting homeowners might fall for the claims of the apparently fake company and be taken advantage of.

Carlson said he’s frustrated with the frequency of this scam.

“It does drive me absolutely berserk,” Carlson said. “With 36 years in the industry and investments to security and insurance and licensing and accreditation, this gives our industry a bad name.”

“To see a one-truck chuck pretending he’s us is really embarrassing.”

Carlson said he’s filed a complaint with the Calgary Police Service’s fraud unit. The City of Calgary said if officials can track down the allegedly illegitimate company, it can investigate the possible absence of a business license.

Global News tried calling multiple numbers associated with company claiming to be called Alberta Home Services but the numbers were not in service.

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