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  • February 6, 2020

LOVELAND, Colo. — A wedding ring missing for 11 years was found during a duct cleaning at a Loveland home.

Jill and Geoff Frahm hired a Denver-based company to clean their ducts. One of the company’s employees found the ring while cleaning.

Jill says she and her husband knew they had to find the owner. They learned her name was Ann Chantler and that she now lives in Fort Collins.

“Turns out, her brother-in-law is part of the Sertoma Club that I’m president of,” said Geoff.

Chantler said she thought she mistakenly threw away the ring when she lived in the same home 11 years ago.

“You know, runny nose, and I put my Kleenex behind my bed. Picked up the Kleenex and threw it away, and I thought I threw my ring away because I never saw it again,” Chantler said.

The Frahms returned the ring to Chantler Thursday morning.

“She said, ‘I kind of feel like Cinderella and the slipper — the glass slipper — because it fits so perfect after all those years,'” Jill said.

Reuniting with the ring is particularly special for Chantler because her husband passed away 3 1/2 years ago.

“I had breast cancer and he had a heart attack and died during my chemo treatments,” she said.

Chantler said she is thankful the duct cleaners and Frahms did the right thing.

“It’s a small world, it’s a good world and kind. When people just do the right thing, cool things just happen,” she said.