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duct cleaning audit
  • September 20, 2023

Audit Your Air Duct Cleaning with Our Post-Service Form


Hiring an air duct cleaning company is only the first step in ensuring a healthy and efficient HVAC system. The real challenge lies in determining whether the company you’ve entrusted with your home or office has fulfilled its promises. At DuctCleaning.Org, we’ve got you covered with our Post-Service Quality Audit. This form is a comprehensive evaluation tool designed to help you measure the quality and efficacy of the services rendered.


Why a Post-Service Quality Audit?


You might ask, “Why do I need a Post-Service Audit?” Well, ensuring that the company has met industry standards is crucial for various reasons:


  1. Health and Safety: Unprofessional cleaning can lead to mold growth and poor air quality.
  2. Financial Reasons: You need to get your money’s worth.
  3. Accountability: Ensures the company is held to a standard.


What Does the Audit Cover?


Our Post-Service Quality Audit scrutinizes various aspects, including:


  • Cleanliness of the ducts post-service
  • Functionality of the HVAC system
  • Adherence to agreed timelines and estimates
  • Customer service and professionalism


How to Use Our Form


Our form is user-friendly and straightforward. Once the air duct cleaning service has been rendered, simply:


  1. Download or access the form online
  2. Fill in the required details
  3. Submit it to generate your service score


Interpret Your Score


Based on your responses, the form will generate a service score. This score is a benchmark that helps you understand the quality of service you’ve received:


  • 90-100: Superior Service
  • 80-89: High-Quality Service
  • 70-79: Satisfactory Service
  • 60-69: Basic Service
  • Below 60: Needs Attention




Our Post-Service Quality Audit is not just for you—it helps raise industry standards from organizations like NADCA or IAQCert. So, remember to complete your audit after the service is rendered. Thank you for participating, and together let’s create a more accountable air duct cleaning industry.