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  • October 4, 2023

Beware of Bogus Furnace Technicians: A Calgarian’s Close Shave with Scammers


In a world where trust is a virtue, deceit is but a double-edged sword. Recently, a homeowner in Calgary encountered a rather unsettling incident that reeks of deceit and trust violation. April Swyers, while in pursuit of a furnace and duct cleaning service, stumbled upon a company on a community Facebook page. The rave reviews were enticing enough for her to book an appointment. However, the reality that unfolded was a stark contrast to her expectations.



The technicians that arrived at her doorstep bore no identification, no uniforms, and their unprofessional demeanor was a red flag too glaring to ignore. A call to the supposed company they represented, Breathe Clean Alberta, confirmed her suspicions – they were impostors.


The real company owner, Riz Bhanji, was swift to react, providing the necessary assistance to shoo the fraudsters away. This incident sheds light on a creeping menace in the furnace and duct cleaning industry, where scammers, cloaked in deceit, prey on unsuspecting homeowners. It’s a wake-up call for consumers to be vigilant, to scrutinize before letting service technicians into the sanctity of their homes.


The ordeal also underscores the importance for service providers to uphold integrity, to foster a culture of trust and professionalism that shields consumers from the clutches of scam artists.


While the incident ended without financial loss for Swyers, thanks to the intervention of Breathe Clean Alberta, the emotional toll it engraved is a scar that would take time to heal. It’s a narrative that resonates with many, a stark reminder that vigilance is no longer a choice, but a necessity.


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