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  • December 20, 2023

In the industry of duct cleaning, IAQCert sets itself apart with its Certified Air Duct Cleaning Technician (CADCT) program. Unlike standard-based training, CADCT certification focuses on providing guidelines and best practices, equipping technicians with the skills needed for real-world challenges.



IAQCert’s Practical Approach


IAQCert’s CADCT certification is not just about adhering to rigid standards but about understanding and applying practical guidelines. This approach ensures that technicians are well-prepared for a variety of situations they may encounter, making them versatile and efficient in their field.



Benefits for Consumers


    • Application of Best Practices: A technician certified in CADCT is trained in the best methods and practices for duct cleaning, as highlighted in our Duct Cleaning Equipment Overview.

    • Assured Quality: Opting for a CADCT-certified professional means entrusting your duct cleaning needs to someone who is trained to apply the best guidelines effectively, in line with the insights from our Quality Control Guide.

    • Informed Choices: IAQCert’s focus on real-world training helps consumers make more informed decisions when selecting a duct cleaning service, complementing the advice in our Choosing a Duct Cleaning Service guide.


CADCT’s Role in Technician Development


The CADCT certification provides a comprehensive understanding of practical guidelines rather than just theoretical knowledge. This distinction is crucial for adapting to the evolving nature of duct cleaning challenges.





For consumers seeking proficient duct cleaning services, choosing a CADCT-certified technician ensures a level of professionalism grounded in practical guidelines and best practices. IAQCert’s commitment to real-world applications is crucial for the industry’s progress. To assist in hiring the right professional, consider using our Air Duct Cleaning Pre-Hire Assessment Form and Post-Service Quality Audit.



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