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Duct Cleaning Discovery
  • February 15, 2024

In a remarkable incident that underscores the unpredictable nature of duct cleaning, a team from Duct Stories in Winnipeg stumbled upon a hidden treasure that highlights the importance of thorough cleaning and maintenance of air duct systems. This story not only sheds light on the value of duct cleaning for indoor air quality but also on the unexpected surprises that can be hidden within the confines of home ductwork.

The Discovery

While conducting a routine air duct cleaning in a West End home in Winnipeg, an employee of Duct Stories discovered an old Quik can concealing wrapped bank notes totaling $5,000 in a wallet. The cash, stamped ‘Ottawa 1974,’ was a significant find, marking the most unusual discovery by the company in three years of operation.

The Significance for Duct Cleaning

This incident vividly illustrates that air ducts can house more than just dust and debris; they can be repositories for items lost or hidden over years, sometimes holding substantial value. It emphasizes the need for homeowners to consider professional duct cleaning not just for enhancing indoor air quality but also for inspecting what might be lurking in their ducts. For insights on ensuring your duct cleaning is thorough, visit our guide on Understanding the Duct Cleaning Process.

Why Professional Duct Cleaning Matters

Professional duct cleaning services go beyond improving air circulation and quality; they also involve a comprehensive inspection that could uncover unexpected items hidden within your ductwork. Companies like Duct Stories, certified and trained in the field, are equipped to handle such surprises responsibly, ensuring that any finds are properly returned to homeowners.

For further reading on the benefits of hiring certified professionals for duct cleaning, the NADCA’s website offers valuable resources.

The Outcome

The honest actions of Duct Stories, returning the found money to the homeowner, Mary, exemplifies the integrity expected from service providers in the industry. It turns a routine service call into a heartwarming story of professionalism and ethics.

Mary plans to use her newfound wealth to travel to the Philippines, a trip made possible by the diligence of a duct cleaning service exploring every corner of the systems they clean.


The tale of the Winnipeg duct cleaner finding $5,000 in an old Quik can is more than just a story of unexpected treasure; it’s a testament to the unexpected aspects of home maintenance and the importance of choosing reputable, ethical service providers. As homeowners, it’s essential to understand the comprehensive benefits of duct cleaning, from improving air quality to potentially uncovering hidden treasures.

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Through professional diligence and unexpected discoveries, the duct cleaning industry continues to surprise and benefit homeowners in more ways than one.