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Proper Duct Cleaning
  • May 29, 2024

Proper duct cleaning can significantly improve your indoor air quality and enhance your HVAC system’s efficiency. However, many clients are unaware of whether their ducts are thoroughly cleaned or not. This article explores common mistakes clients make and how they can ensure a comprehensive cleaning service.

Common Client Oversights

  1. Lack of Supervision: Many homeowners do not supervise the cleaning process, trusting the service provider to do a thorough job without verification.
  2. Insufficient Validation: Clients often accept the job completion without asking for evidence or thorough inspection. Technicians may only show cleaned sections that represent a small fraction of the entire system.
  3. Failure to Request Detailed Photos: While some technicians offer photos of the ducts, these images may only depict the areas that were easiest to clean or access, not necessarily reflecting the condition of the entire system.

How to Ensure a Comprehensive Service

  • Request Comprehensive Documentation: Ask for before and after photos of various sections of your ductwork, not just selected areas.
  • Be Present During the Service: Supervising the cleaning process can give you a better understanding of the scope of work and the effort involved.
  • Ask Questions: Inquire about the techniques and tools used. A reputable technician will be transparent about their methods and outcomes.

The Role of Certification

Hiring a certified technician from NADCA or IAQCert can greatly enhance the likelihood of a thorough Proper Duct Cleaning. These certifications ensure that the technicians are trained to adhere to the highest standards and are knowledgeable about the latest cleaning techniques.


Understanding the nuances of duct cleaning and being proactive during the service can drastically affect the quality of the job done. By choosing certified professionals and actively participating in the process, you ensure that your ducts are not just superficially cleaned but thoroughly sanitized, promoting better air quality in your home.