The crew behind a big time dirty air duct cleaning fraud News 4’s Chris Nagus exposed in November didn’t give up.

After Nagus confronted their operation in St. Louis, they headed south to Atlanta.

The men behind Anytime Duct Cleaning upsold elderly homeowners in the St. Louis area, telling them their air ducts were dirty and filled with mold.

They offered air duct cleaning for $54.95, then slapped homeowners like Janet Becker of Florissant with outrageous, never agreed-to bills.

Becker owed more than $2,700.

The company went by Anytime, but according to the Better Business Bureau also went by AAA and AA Duct Cleaning.

As a result of News 4’s investigation, the Missouri Attorney General issued a temporary restraining order, banning the company from operating in Missouri.

So the company headed south to Georgia.

News 4’s sister station in Atlanta found out and set up their own sting.

Just like our previous investigations, the air ducts were inspected and given a clean bill of health before the bad guys showed up.

When the workers with AA Duct Cleaning showed up, they told the 90-year-old homeowner his ducts were dirty and it would cost $2,400 to clean them.

As the reporter confronted the men, the man’s daughter-in-law showed up and started screaming at the men.

While holding onto the window of their white windowless van, she screamed, “You are taking advantage of elderly people and we have called the police, they should be here… you are wrong for taking advantage of older people… ¬†you need to be arrested!”

When police showed up and cuffed the driver for operating without a license.

Georgia authorities are now investigating the company.

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