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Beware of Scams

Duct Cleaning Scams

If you encounter suspicious duct cleaning practices or suspect fraudulent activity, you can use the following links to submit complaints or report the incidents:

file a complaint
Better Business Bureau (BBB)
File a Complaint
Federal Trade Commission (FTC)
file a complaint

Common Duct Cleaning Scams

This section sheds light on the most prevalent scams encountered in the duct cleaning industry, providing users with awareness and insights on how to identify deceptive practices.


The Fake "Special Deal" Scam

Explanation: Some fraudulent companies may lure customers with unbelievably low-priced offers for duct cleaning services. (Tip: Beware of deals that seem too good to be true. Always research and compare quotes from reputable companies to avoid falling for such scams.)


The Bait-and-Switch Scam

Explanation: Dishonest companies may advertise a low-priced service but pressure customers into purchasing expensive add-ons and unnecessary services during the cleaning process. (Tip: Always get a written estimate before the service begins and ensure the scope of work is clear to avoid unexpected costs.)


The Untrained Technician Scam

Explanation: Some companies employ untrained technicians who lack the expertise to perform proper duct cleaning. (Ask about the company's training and certification process. Choose companies with certified technicians for a more reliable service.)


The Hidden Fee Scam

Explanation: Scammers may add hidden fees for various services or materials without disclosing them upfront. (Tip: Request a detailed breakdown of costs before hiring any company to avoid hidden charges.)

High-Risk Locations for Duct Cleaning Scams

In this section, we identify locations or platforms where duct cleaning scams are more prevalent. It includes examples such as Facebook Community Groups, Craigslist, and unsolicited phone calls.


Facebook Community Groups

Explanation: Scammers often join local Facebook Community Groups, posing as legitimate duct cleaning companies offering attractive deals. (Tip: Be cautious when dealing with service providers from Facebook Community Groups. Verify their legitimacy, read reviews, and get quotes from established companies.)


Craigslist and Classified Ads

Explanation: Fraudulent duct cleaning companies may post ads on platforms like Craigslist, making false promises and using fake reviews to appear credible. (Tip: Exercise caution when responding to ads on these platforms. Always research the company, check their website and credentials before hiring.)


Unsolicited Phone Calls

Explanation: Scammers may make unsolicited phone calls claiming to be reputable duct cleaning services and offering discounts. (Tip: Be wary of cold calls offering duct cleaning services. Legitimate companies do not usually make unsolicited calls. Always verify the company's information independently.)


Door-to-Door Sales

Explanation: Fraudulent companies may engage in aggressive door-to-door sales tactics, offering on-the-spot duct cleaning services. (Tip: Be cautious of door-to-door salespersons. Ask for identification and company details, and never feel pressured to make an immediate decision.)

Top Mistakes Customers Make

This bar chart presents the most common mistakes made by customers when dealing with duct cleaning services. The chart displays the frequency of each mistake reported by consumers, helping users become more aware and avoid these pitfalls.

Not Checking Certifications
Skipping Research
Selecting Based on Price Alone
Not understanding What and How Things Will Be Cleaned

Smart Selection Guidelines

Verify Proper Certification:

Explanation: Ensure that the duct cleaning company holds the necessary certifications from recognized industry organizations. Proper certification demonstrates their commitment to industry standards and best practices, assuring you of a more reliable service.  Verify on NADCA or IAQCert

Check Business Registry Registration:

Explanation: Verify if the company is registered with your province or state’s business registry. A registered business is more likely to be legitimate and accountable for its services, offering you greater peace of mind.

Look Beyond Price:

Explanation: Avoid basing your decision solely on the lowest price offered. Scammers may entice customers with exceptionally low prices to win business but provide subpar or non-existent services. Research and compare quotes from reputable companies to ensure you receive quality service.