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Consumer FAQ Section

Is there a fee to receive referrals?
There is no fee to receive referrals from our trusted group of professionals … we are a non-profit website.

I'm I required to hire one of these referrals?
Of course not, however these will be some of the best choices in your local area.

How would I receive a trusted referral?
We’ll send you a personal list to your email of the most trusted duct cleaning companies.

Will all the referrals be Certified?
We only refer certified professionals. These businesses are trained as Air Systems Cleaning Specialist (ASCS).

How many referrals will I receive?
We’ll match you with the top 3 duct cleaning companines that match your inquiry and location.

What happens if a referral was a bad experience?
This should not happen, however contact us immediately so we can begin an investigation and find a solution.

Business FAQ Section

Absolutely not! Currently there is no cost for a business to be listed in our circle of trusted referrals.
Yes, we only accept businesses that are currently registered and certified with NADCA. We believe those types of business devote not just their time to learn the latest information and cleaning techniques but also the investment into bettering this non-regulate industry.
We have the highest respect for new business owners, however we are looking for companies with a long time reputation of 10+ years of professional air duct cleaning.
If your business has been accepted as a professional and honest duct cleaning service provider, it will become listed in our database for referrals. Whenever a consumer in your area inquires about duct cleaning you will be notified by email.
Anytime you wish to be removed from future duct cleaning inquiries in your local area, just simply send us an email from your business email account we have on file (this will prove authentication). Then provide your full business name and city in the description and ask to be removed from our referral list.

Ask Us A Question

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