Triventek A/S will launch its new specialist division, Triventek Ductcleaning, as well as a range of new products at the 2008 Interclean, Amsterdam. More details are available at

“We’ve been making and selling high quality air duct cleaning and inspection equipment for years, as well as the dry ice equipment range. The new division helps us concentrate on meeting existing and new customer needs. In a time of potential downturn, many in the cleaning and building services industries are looking for alternative sources of profit and so the time is ripe,” said Triventek’s Craig Booth.

For the first time, a new, low-cost extractor, fabricated in high-impact polyethylene, will be shown. Upgraded rotary brushing systems, with more robust connectors to ensure easy, problem-free brush fitting and replacement, will be available. The new Inspector robot camera has improved lighting and can now be supplied with a 7″ screen Archos media player for on-site viewing and recording of internal duct inspections. Newsletter signups will be entered in a prize draw for a free Archos 705 Wifi media player, which will be drawn at the end of the exhibition.
BioBlocks will be introduced to control microbiological contamination, and the associated health, mechanical and odour/comfort risks, at wet parts of HVAC systems. Handy access ports for tools such as brushes and Jetvent compressed air equipment, and new robotic air blast equipment for larger ducts will be shown.

Triventek A/S is based in Asperup, Denmark, with distributors, partners and sister companies around the world.

The company possesses expertise and experience in duct cleaning and indoor air quality contracting back to 1982. It’s range of equipment goes from simple, effective high volume compressed air equipment through innovative rotary brushing to sophisticated multi-purpose robots.

It’s all about getting to the interior of ductwork which is otherwise ‘out of sight and out of mind’ to inspect, record, clean, repair and sanitise.

The company is committed to making duct cleaning productive, professional and profitable for specialist contractors, maintenance companies and end-users.

Dutch distributor Dick Snoek and Craig Booth look forward to welcoming old friends and new to stand 11.434 in the Holland Hall. Distributor enquiries will be welcomed for select territories.