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Welcome to Service Score by DuctCleaning.Org, where we empower you to make informed decisions about your air duct cleaning needs. Navigate a myriad of options with our Pre-Hire Assessment, and ensure service quality with our Post-Service Quality Audit. Prefer a hassle-free approach? Opt for our pre-screened professionals and skip the legwork. Take control of your air duct cleaning service's quality, reliability, and performance from start to finish.

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Over 11,000 consumers have successfully navigated the complexities of air duct cleaning with our help.

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Air Duct Cleaning Pre-Hire Assessment Form

Didn't opt for our pre-screened pros? No worries—choosing the right air duct cleaning company is still crucial for the well-being of your home or office. This form is designed to guide you through a comprehensive evaluation of prospective companies. Scrutinize their credentials, technology, customer service, and ethical practices to ensure you're hiring a company that not only performs the cleaning but also adheres to industry standards and values customer satisfaction.

Pre-Hire Assessment Form
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Air Duct Cleaning Post-Service Quality Audit

Chose to go your own way instead of using our pre-screened pros? The work doesn't stop at hiring a company. Ensuring they've met their promises and industry standards is vital. Whether you're concerned about the cleanliness or the functionality of your HVAC system—or both—this form is designed to help you comprehensively evaluate the services rendered.


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Post-Service Quality Audit
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