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Terms and Conditions for Duct Cleaning Service Providers at ductcleaning.org


1. Introduction Welcome to ductcleaning.org, a curated platform dedicated to connecting users with reputable duct cleaning service providers. This document outlines the Terms and Conditions for service providers interested in joining our list.


2. Eligibility Criteria Service providers must be engaged in professional duct cleaning services. Preference is given to companies with NADCA or IAQCert certifications, but this is not mandatory.


3. Registration and Listing Providers must submit accurate business information and credentials for review. Incomplete applications may be rejected.


4. Standards and Expectations Providers must commit to delivering high-quality, honest, and respectful services, adhering to industry standards. Maintaining a positive industry reputation is crucial.


5. No Fee Policy Listing on ductcleaning.org is free of charge, with no membership fees.


6. Review and Approval Process Applications are subject to review. Approval is based on meeting our standards and eligibility criteria.


7. Rights of the Platform ductcleaning.org reserves the right to reject applications or remove listings at any time without explanation. Factors influencing removal include, but are not limited to, breach of terms or negative feedback.


8. Data Use and Privacy ductcleaning.org commits to protecting the privacy and data of our listed providers, using this information solely for platform-related purposes.


9. Disclaimer of Liability ductcleaning.org is not liable for disputes or issues between providers and clients, nor for the accuracy of information provided by providers.


10. Changes to Terms and Conditions ductcleaning.org reserves the right to modify these terms and will notify providers of significant changes.


11. Compliance with Laws Providers must comply with all applicable laws and regulations.


12. Dispute Resolution Disputes between ductcleaning.org and providers will be resolved through negotiations.


13. Contact Information For queries or concerns, providers can contact us at support@ductcleaning.org.


14. Acknowledgment and Acceptance By listing on ductcleaning.org, providers acknowledge and accept these terms and conditions.