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  • October 21, 2023

The Importance of Authenticity: A Cautionary Tale of Duct Cleaning


A compelling episode unfolded recently when Becky Mulligan, a Winter Springs resident, believed she had paid a sum for duct cleaning that reportedly never took place. Her narrative emphasizes the value of thorough research and awareness when hiring any service.


Mulligan’s journey began when she received a mail coupon offering “whole-home air duct cleaning” at a tempting $99 by ABC Air Duct Services LLC from Orlando. However, upon arrival, the company representatives claimed she required more extensive cleaning, ramping up the price to $800. After negotiations, the final charge settled at $600.


This story isn’t uncommon. To understand the intricacies of such services, consumers should be well-versed with the Benefits of Duct Cleaning and be aware of potential Drawbacks of Duct Cleaning.


Post-service, things took a puzzling turn when Mulligan reached out to the company for a receipt. The confusion underscored the importance of Choosing a Duct Cleaning Service wisely.


To gain clarity, Mulligan sought a second opinion from ABC Cleaning Inc., a reputed firm with a history of positive online reviews. Their assessment revealed untouched dirty vents and, crucially, a clear indication that no cleaning had occurred. This calls into question: When to Consider Duct Cleaning and the importance of Understanding the Duct Cleaning Process.


The unfolding saga highlighted a few critical aspects:


  1. The initial company allegedly applied an unidentified silver substance inside the air handler.
  2. A valid license is essential to clean ducts if the HVAC system is accessed, underscoring the importance of the Duct Cleaning Cost Comparison and being wary of Deceptive Practices.
  3. Attempts by media outlets to confront ABC Air Duct Services LLC met with evasion.

Reacting to her experience, Mulligan asserted, “It’s just ridiculous that you have to be so careful.” Fortunately, after media intervention, she received a $600 refund. But this story serves as a reminder for consumers to consult reliable Consumer Guides before making any decisions.


Reference: Jeff Deal’s article on WFTV.com titled ‘Irate about it’: Homeowner claims she paid for duct cleaning that never happened. For a more comprehensive look into this situation, you can view the related video.