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Spotting Superficial Duct Cleaning: A Consumer’s Guide

Discover the subtle signs of superficial duct cleaning and ensure you’re getting the quality service your home’s HVAC system deserves.

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Combating Misinformation: The Decline of Air Duct Cleaning Scams

Discover how consumer awareness and education are leading to a decrease in air duct cleaning scams and misleading ads.

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Ensuring Authenticity in Duct Cleaning: Avoid Third-Party Pitfalls

In the world of duct cleaning, hiring a company doesn’t always mean their staff will do the work. Uncover the importance of ensuring service authenticity.

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Navigating Duct Cleaning Scams in Facebook Groups (2024)

As duct cleaning scams continue to plague Facebook groups in 2024, learn how to identify and avoid these fraudulent practices for the safety of your home and family.

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The Critical Query Overlooked in Duct Cleaning: NADCA and IAQCert Certifications

When hiring a duct cleaning service, most overlook the crucial query: Is the company NADCA or IAQCert certified? Learn why this matters for your air quality.

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The Importance of Authenticity: A Cautionary Tale of Duct Cleaning

In a recent incident in Winter Springs, Florida, a homeowner allegedly paid for a duct cleaning service she never received. Her story offers valuable insights into the importance of due diligence when hiring service providers.

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