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  • November 13, 2023

When it comes to maintaining the integrity of your home’s air quality, hiring a professional duct cleaning service is a task that should be handled with diligence. While many homeowners base their hiring decisions on the cost or the kind of equipment a company uses, there’s a pivotal question often missed: “Is your company certified with NADCA or IAQCert?”


Beyond Price and Equipment


The focus on price and equipment is understandable; after all, everyone wants the best deal and most effective service. However, these factors alone can’t guarantee the level of cleanliness and professionalism you need. This is where the importance of certifications comes in.


Why Certifications Matter


Certifications from the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA) or Indoor Air Quality Certification (IAQCert) are not just badges of honor; they represent a company’s commitment to adhering to the highest industry standards. These certifications mean:


  • Technicians are trained to handle various HVAC systems and ductwork efficiently.
  • Ethical cleaning practices are in place to protect the consumer.
  • Advanced knowledge of the latest tools and methods for duct cleaning is applied.


The Misconception About Trucks and Tools


There’s a common misconception that the bigger the truck or the newer the tools, the better the service. While these can be indicators of a company’s investment in their trade, without proper certification, they don’t promise the knowledgeable application of these tools nor adherence to safety and quality standards.


NADCA and IAQCert: Indicators of Excellence


NADCA’s certification process is rigorous, involving extensive training and an understanding of the complexity of HVAC systems. IAQCert’s endorsements ensure that indoor air quality is scientifically improved post-cleaning. By prioritizing these certifications, you ensure that your service provider is evaluated and qualified to improve your home’s air quality truly.




As a savvy homeowner, asking the right questions can be the difference between mediocre and exceptional air quality in your home. Remember, the best question to ask any potential duct cleaning service is not about their truck or their prices but, “Are you certified with NADCA or IAQCert?”


For those looking to delve deeper, our “NADCA Certification Overview” course offers a wealth of information on what this certification means for professionals and consumers alike.


Ensure the air you breathe is the best it can be; always choose a certified professional for your duct cleaning needs. For more information on the standards of duct cleaning, visit the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA) or Indoor Air Quality Certifications (IAQCert)