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Fact or Fiction: Will cleaning air ducts curb COVID-19 transmission?

Are you really having a regular pandemic week if your phone hasn’t buzzed at least two to three times with sales calls from air duct cleaners? This sudden interest in air quality control during a global pandemic comes as no surprise to a Toronto professor, though he wishes it fell on the public’s mind sooner. […]

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Fight against COVID-19: NC State Fairgrounds upgrades air ventilation systems in several buildings

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN)– The North Carolina State Agriculture Department spent a half million dollars of federal funds for COVID-19 relief at the State Fair Fairgrounds, and CBS 17 wanted to know how that money was used. More than a half dozen buildings at the State Fairgrounds now have a sign attached to them that states that air cleaning technology is now being used inside […]

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Experts warn not to clean air ducts with bleach in efforts to kill coronavirus

ST. LOUIS (KMOV.com) — The owner of a local air duct cleaning company said the phone is ringing off the hook as demand for her services has spiked amid the recent surge in COVID-19 cases. “They want safety. They want a little protection, a little peace of mind in their air quality,” said Patty Clisham, […]

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Are Your Buildings Ready For The New Norm?

I have always learned to think three steps ahead of my competitors in business. The current pandemic crisis has shocked all of us into changing our viewpoint and future thinking around many different areas. For example, the idea of building maintenance and the use of new light-industry IoT may evolve into helping us survive in […]

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COVID-19 can be spread by building ventilation, say Canadian researchers working on an HVAC fix

The outbreak of COVID-19 at a restaurant in the southern Chinese city of Guangzhou was a puzzle. The suspected index patient was a visitor from the coronavirus’s epicentre in Wuhan. But the eight other customers who later tested positive were not sitting close enough for droplet transmission, and most of the patrons and staff avoided […]

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AC and duct cleaning has no effect on Covid-19 spread

BELGIUM: REHVA, the European Federation of HVAC associations, has advised that humidification, air conditioning and duct cleaning has no practical effect on the transmission of the coronavirus. The information is contained in a new advisory document issued by REHVA and said to be based on current best knowledge as contained in the World Health Organisation […]

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