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  • July 18, 2021

REGIONAL—The Sioux County Sheriff’s Office has released a warning regarding a possible air duct cleaning scam that has been occurring in the area recently.

It reported these air duct cleaning crews offer a low-priced opportunity to clean residential or business ductwork.

The phone number they have been using is 712-218-2577.

When people call this number, they will receive a message saying, “this text mail subscriber is not available.”

Even if people do not leave a message, the scammer begins a dialogue via text message asking for personal information, such as, “How many furnaces do you have?” “What is your ZIP code?”

Callers have been reporting that if they answer them back, the dialogue has continued with statements similar to, “We charge $250 and at this price we will be cleaning all of the ducts from the top to the basement; all the vents from top to the basement, all the main lines, all the return lines, antibacterial sanitization process, no hookup charges, no hidden charges and no per-vent charges.”

Reporting parties have told the sheriff’s office that if they ask for references, the scammer sends links to local credible duct cleaning businesses that have no affiliation with these scams; the scammers are simply sending these to gain trust.

The sheriff’s office reported those who fall for this scam often will discover that the quality of work is of poor quality if it was even performed at all.

Authorities also have received reports that these scammers may be driving white vans with no business lettering.

The sheriff’s office offers these additional tips for residents dealing with these companies.

Usually no contract is offered: Always make certain there is a written contract. Without a written contract, the original low estimate given may grow into hundreds of dollars or even thousands after the work is finished.

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